the finished, colored version of ourselves as Mega Man and Link!

Radhia (ramenkokoro) colored it in u w u <3


Lowblood set. Also, thank you for 1,000 followers! ♥♥♥ The Highblood set will be posted as soon as I finish them.


playing animal crossing with the fronds  haha 

me; green hair character
X Theo; blue hair character
X Andy; pikmin hat character

hehe :3

wan wan!!! I (Andy/miatouna) made this!!! In commemoration of playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with my sweet babbu Radhia-chan (ramenkokoro) <3

u 3 u

I am the shiba on the right and Radhia is the alpaca on the left u w u <3

made with Prismacolor colored pencils o v o /”

kind of shabby with the scanning, but you get the idea! <3

OFF au’s! And Andy (miaoutuna) as Mega Man and Radhia (ramenkokoro) as Toon Link!!! <3

5 month anniversary almost coming up! Just a nice little wip <3

matching daftformers shirts because why not 

u v u